2018 vintage : first tasting

This is the first time I was tasting this new 2018 vintage.

Mr Christophe Ollivier – President of Sommeliers Bordeaux-Aquitaine et Mr Jean-Pierre Marie-Manager.

Just a few months after the harvest, this is always a tricky exercise and perhaps a little too early to get to know a new baby.

Will he become a brilliant engineer or just a student with no degree?

I think I can manage to answer this question a little.

In the bottles I was served, I found the freshness and fruit that is so characteristic of Cambon la Pelouse.

The Merlot wines were lovely and fresh with very delicately expressed fruit. There was no wine burnt by alcohol here, like I have unfortunately found elsewhere in our beautiful region. Here, there is fruit and nothing but fruit!

The wine made from the Petit Verdot grape has a distinctive ink black colour, as we have seen with the past great 2009 and 2010 vintages! Robust, silky tannins and colour!

As for the Cabernet wines, 2018 was clearly an ideal year for them. They have amazing class.

They required close observation, however, and to be harvested at their best, not when they were over-ripe!

It all comes down to this important nuance and I can certainly announce that here, you will find all the ingredients that produce great wines.

Mr Jean-Christophe Ollivier
Master Sommelier of  the French Sommeliers Union in New Aquitaine
President of Bordeaux Aquitaine Sommeliers
Owner of Pont Bernet hotel and restaurant.
1160 Route de Soulac – 33290 Le Pian Médoc
T. 05 56 70 20 19 – logifrance@pont-bernet.fr

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2018 vintage : first tasting

This is the first time I was tasting this new 2018 vintage.

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