Finding an available piece of land in Margaux, and launching a new wine, is an almost impossible task today – but the family behind renowned Château Cambon la Pelouse has managed to achieve the impossible.The tiny half-hectare (1.24 acres) plot, lying in between Château Margaux and Château Brane-Cantenac, used to belong to the village butcher, a man who for years had supplied the best cuts of meat to the illustrious properties that surrounded his shop.But when it came to selling his small parcel of woodland in 2002 – that had the plantation rights for vines – he wanted to pass it on as agricultural land to a family, not to a big business.Jean-Pierre Marie, Cru Bourgeois Cambon La Pelouse was the lucky recipient, buying half a hectare.Their first harvest was in 2006, with the wine, L’Aura de Cambon, going into bottle in June 2008. “By Jane Anson – Free Lance’s Journalist –

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Château Cambon La Pelouse 2016 – Winner of the 2019 Crus Bourgeois du Médoc Cup

The 9th Crus Bourgeois Cup was organised during Vinexpo Bordeaux in partnership with the news…

Experience enhances knowledge

The employees of Château Cambon la Pelouse are proud to share with you their years of experience working on the estate. We employ 20 people full time throughout the year, 13 of whom have been with us for many years.

“Primeur” sales are of key importance for reputed Bordeaux wines.

Primeur sales (or futures) are a unique sales method that is well-established in Bordeaux and…

2018 vintage : first tasting

This is the first time I was tasting this new 2018 vintage.

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