It is springtime !

As spring arrives, the vines start to green up. The buds selected by our vine workers to produce fruit have grown into canes and the first inflorescences are appearing, which will ultimately develop into bunches. It is now time for our workers to remove suckers and unwanted buds.

– De-suckering removes the non-fruit-bearing shoots that have grown on the vine.

– De-budding removes the secondary buds that develop in twos and threes in order to leave just one bud that will produce one or two bunches of grapes.

Olivier Pascaud, our technical director reminds the vine workers of the proper practices before work commences.

Olivier has been manager on the estate for 17 years. He took over the technical leadership 12 years ago and has become the on-site authority for husbandry, assisted in oenological concerns by consultant Hubert de Boüard and in farming science by the local Chamber of Agriculture.

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