Pruning in 2016

Since the beginning of December, our team of 12 vineyard technicians armed with their secateurs has been pruning our vines, which is essential for their renewal as they prepare a new growth cycle for the production of quality fruit.

Every vine is pruned using the double guyot method, which is traditional in the Medoc. Several things have to be done at the same time: the canes that have been cut from the row have to be pulled free and buds have to be removed in order to restrict the number of bunches produced and thereby control yields, facilitating the circulation of air around the fruit as it ripens.

During the same winter period, vine workers perform other tasks after pruning. For example, broken stakes and supporting wires have to be replaced so that the vine shoots can be tied up; the trunks have to be brought into line and the vines must be properly trellised, which is the last job to be carried out during winter.

Dylan began his apprenticeship at Château Cambon la Pelouse. Having studied for and obtained a first-level professional skills certificate (CAP) and developed his technical abilities, he was offered non-fixed term employment as a member of our team of vineyard technicians.

Today he plays his part in the 20-man team that strives to produce quality wine here!

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